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Jul 26, 2012



Who/what is the "expensive hangar queen?"

Joe Touchette

Yup! Government of the people, for the people and by the people ... Oops!
Where did that idea ever come from?

Michael Clegg

People, I ask that you welcome Americorp, the newest nation to recognized by the KOCK Bros.

Washington has become a whorehouse, you, the people are being sold out to the first bidder.

Look at Congress, when a persons term expires, where do they go. To Lobby Avenue.

It was bad enough when Bush and the CIA turned their backs in the Intell about the soon to be 911, then they decided that your vote was of little consequence and they installed an idiot, war mongering pig. Who went on to kill Americas youth in his senseless wars of aggression.

I know, each of you are sitting there saying to yourself...We will take it back, we will take it back, my advice.

Wake up, this is not Kansas any more, it is becoming your personal HELL.

Time for an American Spring...let their heads roll.

Ken Larson

John McCain blew it on this one.


McCain has been and always will be in Lockheed's pocket. His "maverick" image was all smoke and mirrors. Americans figured this out years ago, which is why McCain is not president today.

Scott Kuechenmeister

tell me the defense industry after winding down this final war, years of record profits and blood stained hands and still looking by any and all means to have the bankrupt, broken U.S. tax payer continue to fund programs necessitated by their saber rattling and corruptible representatives in D.C. "Say it Ain't So"

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