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Sep 20, 2005



As usual the activities were technically unethical so what does Safavian do? He lies about what he's doing, which is both unethical and illegal.

I suspect the FBI isn't after Safavian, they have bigger fish to fry. As a Lawyer, and the head of the Bush acquisition community,Safavian knew better -- or he wouldn't have lied about what he was doing. Their target is "Lobbyist A" who has been the subject of smarmy sounding rumors since he was still in College.


To "Get": So, what is your point? How about lying to investigators?

Get Your Facts Straight

Jack didn't obtain any land from GSA. If you will reread the affadavit, you will see that Safavian merely provided publicly available information and set up an informational meeting. No where is Safavian accused of intervening to help Jack get either parcel of land. In fact, the FDA is currently in the process of building a large facility on the White Oak land that Jack was seeking for the Jewish school.

This blog is turning into davidsafaviansucks.com

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