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Sep 20, 2005


NBC's Viq reports that Nancy Pelosi yesterday seized upon the fact that the chief counsel on the House committee charged with investigating the government's response to Katrina is married to David Safavian, the just-resigned Administration official who was involved in Katrina procurement and who was arrested on Monday as part of the Abramoff probe. Weaving together Democrats' efforts to hit the White House on ethics and on competence, Pelosi asked whether Jennifer Safavian's position played a role in her husband's hiring, claiming that he was not qualified to begin with and comparing him in that regard to Michael Brown. "This culture of corruption in Washington, DC is being manifested so clearly in how they are dealing with Katrina," Pelosi said.

Jennifer Safavian was the lead staff investigator when House members took a delegation to the region last weekend. A spokesperson for Rep. Tom Davis (R), who will lead the House investigation and on whose committee she works, told Viqueira via e-mail, "[W]e've built a solid wall around her from the day he was nominated... She has not worked on ANY procurement issues, and did not work on any GSA issues while he was at that shop."

Tom Davis is pretty powerful. POGO you better protect your genitals if your going after one of his staffers.

Are you implying that she just makes a phone call here and there and puts people in touch with one another?

That depends on what your definition of the word "work" is.

So what did she work on?

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