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Dec 03, 2012


Mrs. Ann

I'm confused.

The administration opposes nuclear weapons, yet just gave 1/2 a billion dollars for research to build small (modular) nuclear reactors for nuclear energy --

but as everyone knows, nuclear energy = nuclear weapons material.

Then the administration sends Mrs. Clinton to promote nuclear energy in the Czech Republic.

It's a very confusing and scizophrenic policy.

Meanwhile, there's been a media blackout on what Japan's nuclear plant meltdowns have done to Japan and to Japanese children, who are now suffering terribly, with radiation in their thyroid glands, illnesses, and eating radioactive food and breathing radioactive air.

Thankfully there are alternative News sites covering this:

www dot enenews dot com

www dot enformable dot com

www dot nuclearhotseat dot com (excellent interviews)

No, this isn't spam, and no I'm not connected to any of the above sites.

It's just that they're the best of only a hand full covering the most important news story of this generation.

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