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Nov 21, 2012



Pigs in uniform.

Scott Kuechenmeister

let me get this: $1,000,000 a year per General so they can have a mistress and email 30,000 times a year. i am assuming those emails are to fill those lonely moments in between private visits to Afghanistan. all the troops get that right?


Flag creep is yet one more perk of paying "for profit" companies a profit on top of their federally funded development work. Today we have a military where only 15% fight, and most of the rest are involved in procurement. All these military people have be involved in procurement, otherwise these defense contractors might take advantage of the obvious conflict of interest that exists when the US taxpayer funds development at a profit, and they might, just might, drag development out forever to maximize their profit. (shhhh, don't tell the defense contractors about this and maybe they'll never figure out this particular conflict of interest exists, ha ha). So when 80% of your military is hanging with CEO's of Boeing and Lockheed who make $25 million/year, naturally they aren't going to want to wait until the revolving door can swing them into the contractor ranks to enjoy the fruits of their "labors". Hell, you should see the Taj Mahal palaces these military program people work in. Indoor exercise facilities that include state of the art workout equipment and indoor running tracks. After all, they need to be in top physical shape, just in case they get a severe paper cut or suffer some equally hazardous condition.

Back when we paid contractors for weapons they developed on their own dime, we didn't have this huge military bureaucracy of desk jockeys. In those days, if you wanted to know if an airplane was good enough to buy, you called some combat pilots to a base and had them try out the new airplane. If it met their approval, you bought it. Now we hire thousands upon thousands of PowerPoint rangers to watch these contractors rob us blind. Naturally they never actually catch these contractors doing their thing, because if they did, their gravy train would end just as surely as the contractor's. What a sweet system that is? Could anyone possibly think up a worse way of "buying" weapons? I doubt it.


I sensed Good Point would do more than take the easy, low-hanging, cheap shot.
The Real cost of these flags is the "decisions" that they "make" and the things they do or do not do to follow civilian/political "leadership."

It took Obama awhile--wayyy too long--to stop following the Bush dictum that he would follow what the generals "on the ground" advised. Indeed, Obama, was captured by these flags and allowed the Afgh. war to be even worse mismanaged on his watch than Bush's

And sending fictitious reports up the chain of command (see the "Vietnam War") is another thing these flags bestow on us humble Citizens and Taxpayers. And we glorify them for their f'in incompetence and negligence and dereliction. We "thank" them for their "service" while we figuratively bend over.

The number of flag officers should be halved, for starters, and all should be reviewed by some competent, independent group (whoops, I know there is no such thing) for their performance.

Good Point

What has also cost the taxpayers is the recommendation that we stay in Afghanistan for decades because they can't provide their own security. I call BS. If the country can't provide their own security, we have failed and need a new strategy. Why is the prevailing strategy ALWAYS one that stretches the profits of the defense industry into infinity?

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