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Nov 26, 2012


Bill Combs

This pretty much says it all. War profiteer being scrutinized for criminal wrongdoing, found to have done so, but still receiving our tax dollars to continue its nefarious business. Shame on our Congress for allowing such mega-donors to continue besmirching the name of our country.


In cases of blatent fraud we should prosecute for 10 fold the amount known with the backup as they will forfeit their company to the American people to whom they have been defrauding upon second incident, which will be easier to identify with more regulators having free roam after intitial suit. We have to make companies suffer like we make normal people suffer, what was that saying.... "equal sufferage under law...."

Mo Cassam

How about the 00s of 000s of Iraqis who have been poisoned and killed ...sorry liberated ...by the toxins KBR et al have spread and the tons of depleted uranium = weapon of mass destruction spread all over Iraq by the military (=Waffen uSSa) and its contractors ?
Because 99% of white America couldn't care less?

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