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Nov 15, 2012


Catherine E. Critz

The government wasted millions of dollars discriminating against me. I had a severe brain stem injury in 1975 between seventh and eighth grade. I graduated from the gifted grade school afterwards. I was discriminated against terribly in high school. I did well in college and graduated with a BA in journalism, French and English and a liberal arts degree. After I returned home, people egged me on and discriminated against me. I was put in the state mental health facility in this area three times and a private hospital mental health ward three times. I saw counselors for fifteen years and was given medication to which I was allergic. I had a latent anaphylactic reaction and almost died. Then, the head psychiatrist in this area changed my diagnosis and said I had an organic brain dysfunction caused by my severe head injury. Currently, I live in Creve Coeur, IL. The village would not keep the street on which I live cleaned off from the snow. I broke my ankle about three years ago and had to have my knee from my other leg replaced about a year ago. The people who live next door to me include the daughter of the mayor. She and her children steal the packages that are left at my doorstep. Some of those packages I have found in her trash. Some of those packages include medical equipment for my C-pap which the government pays for in the form of Medicare.

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