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Oct 18, 2012


Bill Combs

Hats off to these two "whistleblowers." Let's hope the official reaction is not to charge them with some offense. Meanwhile, let's call these "defense contractors" what they really are: War profiteers. Why are taxpayers footing the bill (and our soldiers paying the price in casualties) for these blood-suckers?

lea mac leod

this is why our troops are getting fried in the shower for morons like this. seems to be making a profit and have no standards or responsibly that come with it. the enemy is over there not contractors behaving badly.

Nora M

I have repeatedly asked my senator for data on the amount of savings and "efficiency" we have realized since the outsourcing of military functions to contractors. Are you surprised to learn that the silence has been deafening?

The fact is that outsourcing to contractors does not result in savings to the treasury for the simple reason that profits and CEO pay eat up any "efficiency", and the "efficiency" is greatly overestimated and overblown.

Is there corruption in governments? Of course there is some in most of them. Is there corruption in private industry? Just ask Wall Street and Enron! Corruption does not favor one over the other. It is an equal opportunity blight. It is a human trait. My bet goes with it being higher in private industry because there is little to no oversight.

Patricia, Grass Valley, CA

This is disgraceful. I cannot believe we can't find honest decent people to fill these jobs. Better yet our military would be far better. The disgusting people who promote this behavior are no better than traitors to our country.


Their is no government oversight in any project any more. America no longer runs the military programs but sells them to the highest payoff and forgets they exist.


We can't fire these contractors. If we use US Army troops to do their jobs, there will be no rich CEO who gets richer by skimming his exhorbitant salary off the top of what we pay these guys to act like drunks on parade. Without these rich CEO getting richer, who will provide kickbacks and bribes to our Senators and Congressmen? Who will be there to lobby for our endless wars?

LM Lewis

The contractors hired for the Army's CSEPP program liked to hold work-related meetings at Hooters.

Sam Shields

This is outrageous. They ALL should have been fired without severance and investigated criminally. They behave this way AND they're armed? Every other night? Disgusting. As a US Army veteran I am appalled!

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