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Oct 17, 2012



You don't have to spin the facts to see what is going on with defense spending. The fact is, defense spending has gone up the last 6 years. It went up 10%. In that same time period employment in the defense sector went down 3%. That matches the trend we see overall in defense where our spending is greater than Cold War levels but the number of people employed in the defense sector is at an all time low and getting lower.

The Army is being forced, and the Air Force has already laid off soldiers so they can send more money to contractors to develop new weapons. What have their efforts got us? 40 billion dollars in development programs that were cancelled without producing even a single weapon. The B-2 program was cancelled after 20 bombers were built. The F-22 program was cancelled after 180 fighters rolled off the line. This is the airplane that was supposed to replace the F-15. Instead, 40 years after they were first designed, we still have 250 of them in the Air Force's inventory.


It seems the only spinning here is done by Ben Freeman. Paragraphs are spent attempting to cast these studies as contradictory or biased when, thankfully, he concedes that the studies did precisely what they set out to do: ask and answer a narrow question.

The more relevant story here is hinted at in Freeman's final paragraph. So I must ask: Why forego the opportunity for a teachable moment and demonstrate the misuse and spin by policymakers and pundits instead of adding to the confusion?

A missed opportunity. I look to POGO to expose the truth - if I want the typical media sensationalism and distortion, I'll watch Fox or MSNBC.

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