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Oct 26, 2012



Correction on Zinni: hen or the egg.... sounds like a troll to distract from the real issues at hand. The question is professional integrity, not personal character. Allowing tax payers to pay for shody jobs that should be either done correctly initially, or fixed appropriately afterwards, is grounds for legal action from the tax payer.

Kirby Welsh

Not surprising, since a lot of military officers go on to lead the big government contracts. Those a-clowns are not engineers, but they have contacts to get the funds and collect payechecks, and stronghold Corps of Engineers personnel.

Andre Francisco

Thanks for the correction Crusader. The post has been updated.

Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

Not terribly surprising in a lot of ways. However, General Zinni is a Marine, not Army. He's a fine man and a good officer and a fellow Holy Cross Alumni. But, getting things like that wrong underminds credibility on what is really a serious issue.

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