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Oct 25, 2012


Laura Montgomery

How dare the Congress allow and condone this corruption! Rep. Woodall, Rep. GA, What is going on???

Scott Kuechenmeister

we so have our heads up our ass...


If they are successful we won't have any contractors left. Of course, that won't be a bad thing, really. The government could always "in source" those jobs.


I do not believe in Private Contractors, this is something fairly new in the last 10 - 15 years I believe. Enlisted military earn so little compared to those privately hired by companies like Blackwater. It is all a money making scheme. These companies must be stopped, closed, legislated out of business, what do we have military units for. The money earning discrepancies are highly unfair. Also as taxpayers why should we be paying for something which was created I think illegally for the rich to get richer. It all goes against what is fair, and there is no transparency as to what those companies are actually doing, thats all I know, and I don't like it at all, all must be ban. All wars must stop, and focus be put on the climate change crisis or we do not have a habital planet.


What a joke we are! And just how dumb can we be???


Are the owners of these companies US Citizens?

Are they giving "aid and comfort to the enemy"?

Are they contributing to any one or any organization in the Defense industry or Congress? If so who?

Why is not this article in the NY Times, etc?

Patricia, Grass Valley, CA

This is horrific. It should be stopped immediately. Our own troops should be doing this and all payments should be frozen immediately. Why the sluggish response?

James Mc Carten

great 2012, NOW we're following the money. Its 'protection fees'to the Pakistani Taliban, via the Pakistan Army. 'still won't stop the flow into the wrong hands,no matter what we do.


Why is our own military becoming our worst enemy? Congress needs to stop cutting funds to our oversight departments and end this war profiteering that murders so many of our troops.

Jack Lohman

STOP sending money out of the US!!!

Cheryl F

Of course they're aiding the Taliban - that's their RICEBOWL. American taxpayer money - we starve and deprive our own citizens to make these people rich.

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