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Oct 04, 2012



They aren't just gathering intelligence behind the scenes, they are actively harassing and terrorizing people, 70% of the people the harass are women. I've never known one who is a terrorist, it's mostly for revenge for reporting something they did. It starts with hacking and blackmail, by Anonymous, for many, and it has big ties to secret societies.

Raven Sarver

I can give you names of some those private contractors if you're interested. I've caught them monitoring me, when I was getting attacted by hackers and checked to see the connections to my PC. I can tell you some of the things they do. I can also atest to the fact that the government waste a lot money chasing targets who are completely irrelavent, because I'm not a criminal, or a terrorist, or even any kind of a threat. I've never done anything illegal involving my PC, and after 8 years of this, they should have figured out that I'm never going to and moved on to find someone who is actually doing something wrong! I just want to live my life in peace and not mess with anyone else.

I'm Not Romney

Perhaps you have your eyes off the ball. The paramount issue is not some arguable delta in headcount costs (be honest, now), but rather the appearance that these centers are not effective. Just as TSA is sometimes called Security Theater, these centers could be just another show. Meanwhile, the analysts and operators at Federal, state, and local agencies concerned can continue to dither, do anything but fuse info, and not produce and serve up action-able intel that is important. The alleged difference if staffing costs, if true, is several orders of magnitude less important. Make sense, Mr. Gordon?

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