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Oct 26, 2012


Tom Hamilton

Gov needs to reform "shelf life" relevance and limits. Many items that don't deteriorate are mis-classified as shelf life items. A perfect example is aircraft parts. DOD sells off or destroys good parts that are needed to keep the forces airborne because of "expired shelf life". These parts often have to be recreated by hand at places like SPAWAR. The gov also buys back the parts from surplus dealers. I bought an unused fuel gauge at a mil auction for $5, sold it to a dealer for $100, who sold it back to the military for over $400. These were no longer manufactured by Sikorsky (previous list price of $150).
I spoke with a VA SD nurse about this problem, and she sees it in Mil (VA) hospitals. Equipment and parts, not just drugs, are being surplussed out because they are wrongly classed as shelf-life material.


Address the war zone creep. Expressly require that defense money used in conflict areas be restricted to areas that Congress has declared war on.

The President does not have Constitutional powers to send overt or covert forces into combat in any area of the world. Yet he assumes such power. Further in previous DMAAs declaring the whole world a "war zone" gives way too much authority to the President, and it provides a fig leaf of cover for charges of war crimes.

Additinally the "Murder List" of the President which includes citizens of the US is illegal and should be expressly unfunded.

If public money is used there should be accounting, and oversight. It is simply an invitation to graft, corruption and outright theft if some agency is not charged with, authorized as necessary and held accountable to account for the money.

Finally secret agencies like the CIA or "Private Contractors" are funded using Public Money there should be oversight and CONTROL. We should not be funding a private army that the President can send where he chooses without declaration of war or oversight.

Its time to hold government accountable for the use of public money. If an agency cannot account for its expenses its funding should be reduced!!!

Ronald Woodhouse

Outside of Defense spending, I believe the huge amount of money spent in "the voting season" is the most dangerous issue that will destroy our way of life in this unique country. I advocate a common push for equality in our voting system, that being, make the public finance candidates equally
and rid our system of lobbyists. That may require changing the Constitution to not recognize corporations being equal to humans. Corporations have become a real danger to our way of life and we must all fight them, especially the multinational corporations. There is no reason for companies to hire professional lobbyists to represent them to Congressional members who later may be lobbyists.
Yes, we face real dangers to our way of life. It should be obvious to all of us

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