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Oct 18, 2012


Scott Kuechenmeister

can we at least save the spending of obscene amounts of money on shit that works!

Henry J Cobb

How usual it is, that the debate this year is over how much to spend, and not what to buy.

It's like heading down to the store to buy ten thousand dollars of consumer electronics, and you don't care what you get.


More government jobs that were outsourced to defense contractors that the government, in this case the Navy, did better themselves. Back when we spent less for a real naval force of 600 ships, the US Navy designed its own ships. Now we spend more to try to keep less than half that many little crappy ships afloat. Of course, the US Air Force designed the experimental X series aircraft that broke the sound barrier back in the 1950s, and NASA designed their the rockets that took Americans to the moon in the 1960s. Clearly that was a system that worked all too well because now we pay tens of billions of dollars for aircraft that can only break cost barriers, and NASA hasn't been able to put a man on the moon since they started outsourcing rocket design to contractors in the 1970s. But why would we ever think of going back to what worked when this nation was great, instead of a great big cash pinata for government contractors to hit with a stick?

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