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Sep 12, 2012



Defens needs to consider some history. These labs are not outsourced in the normal sense. They Never were run by anyone but the universities and university consortia. At the start, in WWII, certainly the military oversight, indeed command, was evident, but the labs were never staffed or run by uniformed military, altho they were in support roles to the civilian scientists and technicians, e.g., truck drivers, food service. The labs are valuable financially to the universities as cornucopia of overhead, e.g., legions of junior faculty and grad students get a lot of support for little work. And, what do you mean about "the same companies that fund the security...." ???The US taxpayers fund everything at these labs. The universities--and the usual for-profit contractor gluttons-- get paid to do work, but have nothing to do with supplying funds.


If some radioactive material gets swiped, the same companies that fund the security of these installations make the weapons our government will have to buy to defend our nation from these "dirty" bombs. But outsourcing government functions such as running nuclear labs and their security are a great deal for the US taxpayer. Just ask the contractors.

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