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Sep 12, 2012


Charles Witteck

No more oversight, which means hindsight. Taxpayers
deserve foresight! The government contracts for X, or Y
or Z, then upon non-delivery, taxpayers, again are fleeced
for "accountancy"? The body politic is in terminal disarray.

Mary Louise Mutch

Thank heavens for the Courage of one 82-year-old woman and her companions. Never undrestimate the wisdom and courage of the elderly who want to leave a safe and healthy environment behind them as a precious legacy to generations to come. Perhaps the department of Energy should hire her in an advisory position.


I suppose for this, all of the choices would be nun of the above?

Margie K. Glod

This should be researched as to how this happened in the first place, they need to really figure out, and stop it from happening again!

james o'gara

do you think he ever visited a nuclear facility?

probably has been sitting in his office and waiting for the day he can get hired by a one of the companies he supposed to regulate - then he'll find out what they're like!

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