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Sep 25, 2012


judith pecho

Do you have knowledge of any group doing what your group does on a state level? My whistle blowing on a city where I lived has resulted in some catastrophic problems. Actually I did not realize the significance of what I knew until it was too late. Racketeering by selling easements when the city knew people already owned the easements by right of law. Money paid not going in the treasury. State Auditor said "didn't know about that money", and then audit scheduled within the month cancelled for one year. A state senator involved whose income job was to help people get permits from the city. He told me to stop talking about it and to cut my loses and move out of the city, etc.
You cover federal whistle blowing, but I have not found anyone willing to document interest, or get this exposed. I wish to be exonerated from a trumped up civil charge they prosecuted me for when they had no jurisdiction, i.e. ordinance. Attorneys went along with the phoney charge cause the municipal judge was married to a popular Superior Court Judge and awarded $70K by Superior court judge for representing me for four months for a civil misdemeanor. A municipal court and no city ordinance. He took it out of proceeds of my house sale. I was jailed for 34 days under an illegal order, and released after two citizens filed a habeaus corpus. It has been more than 13 years ago, but is still causing problems in my life. The prosecutor had a friend who told me that he needed to do what the mayor and city council told him to do in order to keep his job. Too much detail to write now, but please point me in the right direction to find someone cares about this. Citizen whistle blowers have no protection by law and no agency to assist me.
My phone is 505 890-0376.
I now live in New Mexico. The situation was in Washington State.

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