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Sep 28, 2012


Evelyn McMullen

I may be way off base but I am very leery of anything to do with Mr. Issa due to his actions regarding Sandra Fluke.

 maurice rothman


Its about time that politicians and its civil service buddies are made accountable! Its obvious why they dont want to "be made accountable" even a five yr older would know that! Crooks abound with fancy letters after their name, despite their socalled "innocence"!

We now have the ways/means of keeping track of all spending, what's stopping that? Crooks in powerful positions of courss and athis is "not" an American institution, its all over the world in every country its called "thievery" eatc/

Find the honest politicians, you will find honest workers, the go to gether. The dishonest politician which apparently "runs the show" breeds graft etc.

Dr.Maurice Rothman


major impediments continued to prevent GAO from rendering an opinion on
the federal government's consolidated financial statements other than the
SOSI: (1) serious financial management problems at the Department of
Defense, (2) federal entities’ inability to adequately account for and reconcile
intragovernmental activity and balances, and (3) an ineffective process for
preparing the consolidated financial statements. In addition to the material weaknesses underlying these major impediments, GAO noted material weaknesses involving improper payments estimated to be at least $98 billion
for fiscal year 2009, information security, and tax collection activities. Federaland state government are unable to provide a balanced financial statement

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