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Aug 21, 2012



Forgot to mention, whenever you see a reason during the loading evolution to report a discrepancy, you are taught to call out, "STOP THE LOAD!" This was something we all felt obligated to do during training. "STOP THE LOAD!" should become the rallying cry of this movement, as anybody who has ever loaded a nuclear weapon will understand.


I was trained to load the B-61 on the A-4F Skyhawk back in 1972. Here we are trying to cut back on nuclear ordnance (should also include depleted uranium, as you get the fallout without the real big bang) and our silly government wants to keep the old bombs going until forever. It's insane to believe nuclear is a deterrent any more, since nations are developing their own with delivery systems. Now nuclear is seen as a threat which must be countered by a preemptive strike, like Israel wants to do with Iran. Iran has good reason to be worried, as Israel attacked an Iraqi nuclear facility several decades ago. Reason, sanity and logic have all but successfully countered by chaos, havoc and confusion.

Evelyn McMullen

Doesn't anybody oversee these stupid wasteful ideas? And isn't there anybody who can ditch these ideas? Hooray for POGO

Nina Diamante

Not 1 more cent of taxpayers money for bombs. Stop stealing money from the American People and making our deficit huge, kill the bomb makers. Not 1 cent for B-61 Nuclear Bomb Upgrades. Nina Diamante

Charles Witteck

Headline reads: "Spending Billions on B-61 Nuclear Bomb Upgrades Doesn't Make Sense."

Do we really need, say, Sister Rice, and others to tell the rest of Americans that little of what the DoD, in fact, not opinion, or irresponsible ranting, or incantations "in the "interest of national security" makes sense?

The fact is: by the DoD's own admission, they are unable or unwilling to maintain strict accounting for their own budgetary allotments, made in good faith, by the U.S. Congress, and through them every taxpayer in the country. Their continual and flagrant disregard of these bone fides, are reason enough, for revolt in the form not of mere sequestration, but actual, not symbolic restitution of any waste, fraud, mismanagement,by the power vested in the legislature.

Scott Kuechenmeister

"do we really need the capacity to destroy the world 10 times over"

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