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Aug 23, 2012


Evelyn McMullen

This political contest has gone on and on and on. The country is sick of it. Can't there be some way to limit the time we are subjected to it. Limiting by law the time candidates are allowed to be on the dole would also free funds for more important things like trying to save this planet. The lies and accusations thrown about are horrible and we suffer for them. Why can't those, including our Congress be honest,truthful and forthright about what they would do for all the citizens of this country! We have the right to vote according to our Constitution. The President, by law is limited to two terms. Should not our Congress be limited to the same. There are career politicians who hold office for years and years and somehow are able to hold the citizens hostage as far as needed improvements in their physical and emotional lives. We are drowning from inaction.

Pawel Grajnert

Edwards is a typical frontman for reactionary corporatism. He blames the Democratic Party for not being open to new ideas. This is demonstrably false, and unless Edwards is ignorant, which I don't believe he is, he is being, at best, disingenuous. I will point to just one example of how the Democratic Party has moved far, far to the right to accommodate Edwards and the representatives of a party that fronts only the desires of a corporatist oligarchy in its goals to circumvent and/or out and out destroy our democracy: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This is a plan originally created and supported by of all left wing organizations The Heritage Foundation and that radical socialist Bob Dole. I, as a believer that we, the people, should use market forces to our advantage instead of disadvantage, believe we should have a single-payer health care system that allows all access to the basic right to life, while allowing the sheer size of tour collective resources to bargain down the costs of providing the best services possible to all on the open market. Again, to reiterate, Edwards is just another representative of reactionary corporatism, despite his unsubstantiated rhetoric to the contrary, and his comments should be read and understood within that context, and therefore, his recipes for our democracy should be looked upon with great suspicion.


Some good suggestions. I would also require the Network TV to provide free advertsinging. They got their bandwidth and no cost. Here's an excellent way to make them pay for it. Also greatly shorten, by law, the length of the campaigns, and have a mechanism for immediate enforcement, which means a non-partisan group can kick a candidate out of the election. This is necessary, because otherwise the incumbent will have too much of an advantage. So, incumbent should also be precluded from using his/her franking privileges within xxx months of the election.

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