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Aug 16, 2012



Mr. G--you try too hard sometimes. Dumping the kitchen sink of all recent security firm flaps in the last graf is so, so....bush league, if you will.
No doubt Raytheon's system was bought during a period of high anxiety by the PA and high pressure and bragging by the contractor. The system brochure reminds me of Boeing's claims about the border fence. That was a sad one--our best industrial and high-tech integrator, could not put standard parts together, blew the integration, mishandled many stakeholders like Border Patrol, state govs. and DHS itself, which joined the posturing and lying to cover up a botched requirement and a blown procurement. Not likey as complex in the Raytheon case, but it leads to the same kind of failure in a dogs-and-fences kind of challenge. Best for POGO to get the details on the procurement of Raytheon (you can bet as fouled as DHS's of Boeing though with less grandeur), analyze it, and report it to us. Don't just mouth off and bang heads the way you started to in this piece. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

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