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Aug 07, 2012


vanessa twine

I just want let the USMC and Family know just thank god we have proud men look out for USMC and their family.I would like to share with you I have Multiple Sclerosis it start after leave camp lejeune.My next duty station Albany GA where thing start happen with my heatlh. I have see young USMC men & women became sick with no two people are like.
after going to the VA hospital and meet other USMC veterans who have ms and live at camp lejeune we said we still live thank god this story out thank you from the multiple sclerosis group in new york

PFC Richard Stauder

I was in Capm Lejeune in 1969to1971.how do i fill a claim for water contamination.

Robert Gauss

I am proud to have been in the Marines , and yes i did four years at Camp Lejeune 1976 to 1980. In 2008 i became vary ill,the V.A. told me that had stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.I had filed a claim and was told that its not related to the Marine Corp since there was no record that i had cancer while i was in the corps

L/cpl teddy bonds

How do I but in a claim for the water contamination


I was conceived and born in Camp Lejeune in 1962. I lost my father (20 years with USMC infantry) to lung cancer and mother to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Nobody knew why, although the coincidence was remarkable since nobody else on either side of our families died of cancer and because my father was a non-smoking athlete. Marines know they are likely to be put in harm's way, but had no idea their families would not be safe at home. This story needs to be told.

CWO-4 Daryl Smith

What responsiblity the Goverment takes to assist family with not only the burden of losing a love one who was contacted by contaminaton, but the fancial burded thier family have for treatment of thier love ones. Iti is a disgrace and shame our Corps and Navy did not protect our families as we join to protect our country. I hope this will never happen to anyone or thier family again. God Bless all that suffered a lost.

Wanda Doane

I am the wife of a Marine that was stationed @ Lejeune from 77-81. He is currently undergoing testing for a lengthy (5-6 years) significant increased white bloodcell count and I was wondering if this is an indicator of any of the illnesses that many of our Marines from Lejeune have been or are still having? He had several friends that were stationed here as well that have since passed, both from a rare brain cancer. I am concerned because many of the symptoms his friends had are some of the same symptoms that he is experiencing (increased WBC count, headaches, degenerative spine disease, significant weight loss). He has been told that he has to have another brain MRI done, this too alarms me. Are there others that have had these symptoms? CONCERNED WIFE of a PROUD UNITED STATES MARINE-Semper Fi !!!!

Renee Ware

My father was stationed in Camp LeJeune for seven years and I was born at the Naval Hospital. My 17 year old son was recently diagnosed with Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) and I am curious if anyone else has been diagnosed first, second or even third generational with this disease as it is relatively rare. Thank you.

James Stubbe

My wife, children and I lived at Tarawa Terrace 11 from 1972-1975. My wife Kathy was just diagnosed with Hogdkins lympmnoma, hopefully if enough people come forward our government will have to look further into all these deseases.

Allen Ash

My wife was born at Camp Leguene duting the water pollution issue and lived there for years. She has since passed away from a rare form of brain cancer. Any ideas for the children she left behind?


As I continued to deteriorate, renal carcenoma both kidneys and now possible pancreatic cancer, I wondered when or if this moment ever would arrive! Alas, it has. And now, to insure the VA does the right thing, keep up the momentum.
Semper FI.

Doc Schmidt

This is a good first step, not all problems are covered. Only the 15 listed in the bill. Most are different types of cancers. There are several not covered, but in 2014 when the results of the health survey are released. I believe that more problems will be covered.


My dad has MS and had been linked back to when he was stationed there. This is a huge moment for not just my dad, but for my entire family as we struggle to find more answers and the effects this disease will have not just my dad, but for myself and my kids.

Thank you President

Tim Bailey

My son was born with a cleft palate which was a result of the chemicals we drank during my stay at Terrawa Terrace. But this has yet to be recongnized.

willis OUTLAW, Jr.

Just want to say this has been a long
time coming. My daughter Megan Alterese O
utlaw, died last year of breast cance
r at age 28. I was stationed at. Lejeune in 1
966 and again in 1968 after tour of duty in NAM.

Mammafine Marine

It is said that we have been wronged so what about all the times that we have been denied service connected compensation for skin disease and all other issues? Will their be retroaction and no more waiting? Please someone get us an answer.

Semper Fi!

David Okorafor

This case of healthcare for victims of past negligence underscores the real essence of good governance and should serve as lesson (if not inspiration) for political leaders all over the world where people die by man-made disasters and protesters against such are brutalised and killed.

barbara martinez

Jerry God bless you and everybody that helped get this law past. You are a true angel I will always remember you in my prayers and your beautiful daughter. I conceived two children in camp lejeune nc and gave birth to one. Plus my 3yr old daughter bathed and drank that water for 3 yrs. I now have hashimotos encephalopathy and stiff person syndrome and thyroid disease hearing lose and a lesion on my lung I feel blessed every day though because my children are still healthy and my grandchildren. You will always be our hero. God bless

Leland Casey

I was born on the base in 1967. I recently had testicular cancer. How do I find out if my medical expenses would be covered. Thank you and POGO is great.

Janine Vascukynas

What about the poor Marines that served in the prior years, 1955, 1956 that endured the same thing and have breast cancer and bone cancer? Please don't forget about them.

Art As Social Inquiry

This extension of benefits to a particular group while well-deserved underscores the need for comprehensive, real reform. Obamacare is a good start.

What group is underserving of access to healthcare?

Is the uninsured person making your latte and working 3 part time jobs less deserving of access to healthcare than these good people cited in the article?

If so, we should have the guts as a nation to say so.

Scott Kuechenmeister

It is great when wrongs can be recognized and in some cases righted. Congratulations to all those who made this day possible. Tears and memories for those who suffered from illness or disease. Thank you men and women of the Marines for not giving up on your country.

Thank you Pogo. America is a better place with the work you do.

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