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Aug 02, 2012


Connie Piper

Seemingly, if the Taliban doesn't kill you, USAID will !! No wonder we've been mired in Afghanistan for almost 12 years. Our Forces deserve SO MUCH BETTER. I sure wish Someone would CLEAN HOUSE. My Husband had his life taken from him in this war and I have a SERIOUS ANGST with all this corruption in USAID and their affiliates/cohorts. This nation cried for Warriors when American was attacked on Sept 11 and certain entities in our own government are killing them now with their gross neglect, callous uncaring and an abject failure to account for hundreds of millions and more - that "fell" into the wrong hands. SHAME ON THEM!

From: Connie Moralez-Piper, Special Forces Gold Star Wife of SSG Christopher Neal Piper (ODA 731)

Phil Christenson

It is one of the realities of the foriegn aid program for many decades that there is more money than good project concepts ready for implementation. Congress appropriates the money, then someone has to come up with ideas to spend it. In Afghanistan and other war zones, it is not easy to spend the money wisely, so it is spent foolishly.

The commission never addressed the real issues here. The commission never addressed in a serious way the whole notion of a so-called "civilian response" or "whole of government" approach in which unarmed, often middle-aged or older civilians are sent out into the middle a war zone to carry out a DOD strategy which assumes, without any solid evidence, that the US civilians will be able to do things like bring democracy and honest government to Afghanistan, end the opium trade, promote ethnic harmony among Afghanistand's long-warring tribes, clans and families and other miraculous transformations.

Since the foreign aid program is part of a fantasy, it should not be expected to produce anything but chimeric results.

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