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Aug 28, 2012


Lo Lo Jones

The NNSA, B&W, Wackenhut machine is still in power even after what has happened at Y12. True, they took out a couple of the older ones at the top who were going to retire anyway and they scapegoated a couple guards but make no mistake, the systemic problems, poor managers with little or no real security experience and good old boy system are still in power at Y12. The NNSA has got to be the biggest joke of a government oversight agency I have seen. Their total incompetence and lack of concern for taxpayer dollars is beyond belief. The oversight office of DOE run by Glen Podonsky is complicit in this whole debacle as well. They are supposed to be identifying problems and making sure the problems get fixed. Truth be told, the same problems that existed 30 years ago exist today: poorly qualified security management, lack of integrity, wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars, good old boy system, poor planning & execution, harassment and threats of anyone brave enough to speak up about wrong doing, high quality people are ushered out and discouraged while relatives, brown nosers, and other incompetents are promoted to make it easier for those in power to keep their jobs. The whole security slate needs to be wiped out and start over! That's the only way to get it right.

Joe Carson

August 28, 2012

President Randy Lawson
IGUA Local 3
Oak Ridge TN

Dear Mr. Lawson

I am contacting you as a result of Frank Munger’s articles of 8/25/12. I am a deeply concerned DOE employee - I am NOT contacting you as an official representative of DOE. I don’t care whom you share this with, if anyone, but I have no formal role in any interaction/investigation/etc about you/others and the July 28, 2012 Y-12 intrusion.

My perception is that if the Y-12 intruders had evil intent, we might all be so much radioactive ash now. My perception also is, based on news reports (I have NO private sources of info about the intrusion), that fear of reprisal played an essential role in the existence and persistence of the security vulnerabilities the intruders exploited.

How? I surmise (if I am wrong, I wish to be corrected) that personnel in Y-12 guard force knew that several security cameras had been inoperable for an extended period of time and knew that the PIDAS system was prone to false alarms. They also knew that management had not fixed these issues in a timely way. I suspect they perceived that if anyone in guard force “rocked boats” about such issues - and management’s failure to timely resolve them - that they perceived they would be inviting reprisal from management.

If my perceptions are accurate, then I would tend to agree with Mr. Garland's perception that he was made a scapegoat for the faults of many, but I would also contend that an essential factor in the intrusion - fear of reprisal - has not been publicly identified yet - and that you, as leader of the guard force union could help get that aspect identified and, hopefully, corrected. But my perceptions may be inaccurate which is why I am reaching out to you.

Thank you for whatever consideration you give this. I am not in a position to help Mr. Garland or other concerned current or former DOE/DOE contractor employees, directly at least, and do not want to give anyone any reason to think I can - but I do think my concerns cause America to be at an unnecessarily increased risk of a nuclear 9/11 or other catastrophe, which is why I “stick my neck out” to write things as this.


Joe Carson, PE
10953 Twin Harbour Drive
Knoxville, TN 37934
865-300-5831 (cell)
[email protected]

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