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Aug 27, 2012


Sean Church

Neil please contact me I have information. That finally. May be able to hold. healthnet federal services, healthnet insurance the joint commission and. urac accountable. When the contract was severed the. Vista system national data base did not which in turn where normally. Healthnet federal services would be. Able to maintain this information. If they. Hadn't lost this contract. Now tens of thousands veterans' protected health information is being transferred to a healthnet federal services which violates several privacy rules. The joint commission explained. The veterans had notify the joint commission individually. They veterans can only do so if they all know.
Sorry about the way this is written... I'm on a smartphone.
Thank you

Scott Amey

Mr. Johnson,

I'm hoping that the OIG's referrals include DOJ and that the VA's Suspension and Debarment Committee is looking at all of the players involved. We have been in touch with the Hill and hope to see legislation or a hearing on the issue, especially VA and SBA's failure to hold agencies, companies, and individuals accountable.


Tom (Health Net is a very big company. It currently ranks number 221 in the Fortune 500, with $11.9 billion in revenue and 7,400 employees). Thats why they are free to walk away. $imple economics.

Tom Johnson

If the IG report is correct, why is Mr. Neilson not being prosecuted for fraud? Did the IG determine that he did not know that what he was doing? Was he breaking the law? He made millions that could have helped thousands of Vets if the IG report is correct. Is Congress looking into this?

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