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Aug 06, 2012



So – The TOP 5 Companies tell the whole story here huh ? And what about the THOUSANDS of Small Businesses out there who rely on selling and providing services to the Fed Gov? We’ve already lost most of our work thanks to Obama’s Insourcing push. They’ve already hurt Small Businesses nationwide and created a situation where the Federal Government is now unfairly competing with the Private Sector
..and now we’ll lose what little we have left ?
And when thousands lose their jobs and Companies close …what will POGO have to say ? Sorry ..guess we were wrong ?

DEFNS - Terry

This study appears to be seriously flawed. Anyone who has worked in this industry for more than a few weeks realizes that 1) there is amazing amount of 'outsourcing' going on, much of it required by the FAR, so we tend to subcontract to the maximum extent we can, and 2) that despite efforts at improving efficiency and such, virtually every dollar goes to a salary somewhere. It may not be the Lockheed Martin (LM) CEO, of course, or even the LM employee, or even the subcontractor employee, it could very well be the guy who builds the 'screw' that goes in the sub-subassembly, that goes into the a subassembly, that goes into a component, that goes into a line-replacable unit (LRU), that goes into a subsystem, that then goes into a major defense system produced by LM. (It is true that a little bit of this dollar goes into raw material, but it takes someone's labor to get that raw material out of the ground or wherever it comes from--so it is only a tiny tiny portion of the top dollar.)

To think that cutting a dollar at the defense spending/budget level does NOT impact almost a dollar of someone's labor somewhere, is just fallacious thinking. This applies to ALL government spending, by the way, it is certainly by no means unique to the Defense budget. If you cut the defense budget (or any other budget) by 10%, you WILL find that 10% of the people that live on this dollar will lose their jobs--unless of course, everyone gets together and decides to take a 10% pay cut, which, in the case of our undeclared but obvious inflation, is not likely.)


Ok, speaking as an employee of a godless defense contractor on this topic, CUT THE BUDGET! Please cut the budget. I don't want to lose my job. Hmm, that's not entirely true, ok, let's try, I can't afford to lose my job.

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