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Aug 15, 2012


Paticia Lavins

President Eisenhower wwarned us to beware the military industrial compex and that warning is now more meaningful than ever. There is no sane reason the Pentago budget should not be reduced to reflect the 21st century. Just in the past few weeks two amendments were voted on to apply common sense to the DOD budget. My Congressional representative, Bill "Birther" Posey stood in opposition to: (1) Elimination of NASCAR sponsorship, and (2) reduction in the number of military bands. This is absurd and not in any alignment with the views of the electorate.

Additionally, there are hundreds of military bases in Japan and Europe that could be shut down because WWII was over long ago.

Joseph DeMarco

The United States defense department has overspent taxpayer dollars for a long time,we cannot do it any longer.
Our present military has NO enemies that it cannot crush with its current strength and material.It is high time that this free spending be reigned in. The military has "More Toys Than it Needs", case in point , the new F-35 fighter. The F-22 fighter is as capable and cost a little less. At 300 million dollars a copy, plus extra engines and parts, it is a waste of Taxpayer dollars. The B-52 Bomber has been in service for over 50 years and STILL provides the service required. We need to stop this voracious appetite by the "Military Industrial Complex". Remember what President Eisenhower warned us about a long time ago.

Joe DeMarco
Veteran WW 2

Ron Headley

Too bad if military cuts affected the economy. This nation needs to be turned away from militaristic Imperialism inflicted onto it by corporatist politicians.

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