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Jul 13, 2012


Neil Gordon


Last time I checked, POGO wasn't receiving billions of taxpayer dollars. Nor has POGO put people's lives at risk through its negligence.


Scott Kuechenmeister

i don't get this. a few years ago KBR got away with putting their drivers on convoys that were destined to fail and after they were abandoned by their escorts, and executed like dogs the courts would not even consider the suit. but get burned in the shower (you know they have two knobs so you can regulate the temp). help me understand...


Ah, the magic is in the number of "instances." Just to complete the algorithm, would POGO staff be willing to list their names and all associated documentation on:
arrests, regardless of whether there was prosecution/trial or conviction
contested divorces
uncontested divorces
personal bankruptcies
treatment for STDs
vehicle moving violations
investigation for cheating in high school or university
library late fines
disallowances of deductions by the IRS
firings for cause from any employer
suspension or expulsion from high school or university
employment by any entity accused, or guilty of, civil or criminal infractions--whether or not the POGO employee was involved or not
predatory social behavior, e.g., typical pub or bar pick-up behavior

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