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Jul 06, 2012



I've said it before, but it bears repeating. Back when the Navy designed its own ships we had a fleet of 600 solid, seaworthy craft. Now that contractors have taken over their design we can't keep 300 little tin cans floating. When NASA designed their own rockets we sent men to the moon so often it because routine. Ever since they contracted the design of their rockets out to defense contractors we have not been able to go any further than low earth orbit, and their last go at designing a new rocket was such a fiasco that currently the only way NASA can launch a man to "our" space station is to buy a ride from the Russians. Government contractors are largely to blame for the fact that we pay more in taxes to get less from our government than ever before in history. They have run up our deficit so that a few could get rich on the backs of working class Americans whose money they take, not by providing a better product at a lower price, but literally at the point of a gun.

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