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Jul 31, 2012



it is disturbing that elected officials would prostitute themselves in this manner. do they have no pride?"

No, when it comes to money, they would do ANYTHING. We already know that they will sell out this country and all of the American People for it! People like this I do not want representing me in congress, how about you???

When the history of American decline is written, the historians will zero in on a choice the nation made, when the interests of Middle America collided with those of Corporate America.

Decades ago, America’s great companies, having saturated the U.S. market, wanted to go out and capture the world’s markets.

Free to move production out of the U.S.A., they wanted to be able to bring their products back to the United States, duty-free. Make them there; sell them here. And if the U.S. companies were to be allowed to produce and to sell in foreign countries, those countries wanted the right to dump their goods in the U.S.A.

And here is where the national interest and the interests of Corporate America diverged. Here is where what was good for the boardroom elite collided with what was best for Middle America.

And this conflict could not be reconciled. The party had to choose. And the party chose K Street over Main Street. -- Pat Buchanan

Patriotism = Prostitution in Washington DC today.

Scott Kuechenmeister

it is disturbing that elected officials would prostitute themselves in this manner. do they have no pride?


"When Americans look at the amount of defense spending compared to spending on other programs, they see defense as the one that should take a substantial hit to reduce the deficit," said Steven Kull, director of the Program for Public Consultation (PPC), and the lead developer of the survey. "Clearly the polarization that you are seeing on the floor of the Congress is not reflective of the American people." - iwatchnews.org


Nice intro to a well presented analysis. I agree with the thrust of it. Yet you ignore some interesting, pertinent points. Democrats, almost, but not quite as much as Republicans, favor the various levels of actual defense spending that we have experienced. Also, sequestration was born of WH ineptitude and Congressional dithering and intransigence. The feelthy defense contractors hardly orchestrated it; they don't pull the strings on much of anything. And don't forget the not-completely-silent career officers, especially the flags, plus career civil servants. They create a mighty undertow on spending rates and any efforts to be more efficient or effective. All of these parties are knee-deep in the waste-making business. And, sad to say, our present president was easily cornered, manipulated, and co-opted regarding strategy and defense spending. This is yet another area where he has failed us all. Your numbers about layoffs sound about right; don't ignore the political, economic, and social impact of throwing several hundred thousand defense contractor employees out of work. Whatever we do, we need to support candidates who favor less military adventurism and better management of the DoD (and hidden IC) budget. But just remember--we have elected these clowns and through various sins of commission and commission let their ethics and biases sustain the MIC. We get the kind of government that we deserve.

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