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Jul 17, 2012



Perhaps if we cut the defense budget enough the military will start paying contractors more to develop weapons on-time and on-budget than they do if the contractor screws up and drags out development for decades and produces a crappy yet expensive weapons that don't work until the 3rd or 4th follow on contract has squeezed the final dime possible out of the US taxpayer. Or we can continue to throw money at defense like we have for the last 20 years, because that's worked out so damn well -- for the corporate CEO's of the defense companies.

No cool name to call myself

I love DFens quoting Winslow Wheeler. This is the first comment by him that I agree with. Keep it coming.


Dana--a $30 bil difference, inflation-adjusted or not, is well within the error term of this kind of analysis. So, the point holds no particular water. But please keep working the problem.

Stepping back just a bit--and not sequestered in a defense plant like Ms./Mr. DFENS,--the issue is simply that they (the MIC, especially the flags and some of the larger firms) fear is Castration, rather than Sequestration.


"Pentagon spending will drop to a level that is ... still $30 billion above what the U.S. spent on average during the Cold War."

Wow, excellent statistic! That pretty much says it all. 20 years after the end of the Cold War and our military defense is on the verge of collapse if spending is not maintained at well above peak Cold War levels. Yet every day I work in a defense plant that proudly waves the flags of every country they've managed to outsource production of our military airplanes to. As Mr. Wheeler has often stated in his articles, we need to be getting more for less when it comes to defense. We should be demanding we get more jobs domestically for those dollars spent, and we should be getting much more bang for the buck.

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