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Jul 25, 2012


Scott Amey

It looks like the public and private pay issue has hit the campaign trail.


And once again, it appears that people are highlighting the portion of studies that adhere to their politics. Cuts might be required, but they must be based on empirical data of comparable work.

Pat Lavins

Thank you POGO for continuing to shred a critical light on the topic of contractor compensation which is the very reason that the Department of Defense budget is so large. It is also the reason that the Department of Defense is the greatest source of waste, fraud and abuse in the Federal budget.

Every candidate for national office in 2012 should now be discussing this nation. Political pundits jump all over the various welfare programs that affect our most vulnerable citizens but they ignore the corporate welfare that is a part of the Department of Defense budget.

Jean P Skibinski

If we are comparing only the rates paid to outside workers with govt. workers, that's not the whole story. Corporations who provide the outside workers also charge mark-up percentages on payroll,as well as other costs. Unless the cost of the worker is calculated using the corporation's bottom line, the calculation is not valid.

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