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Jul 10, 2012



Oh, and an additional comment about this stupid idea to make a tanker variant of the V-22, what idiot came up with that idea? What would it tank, other V-22's? It can't fly fast enough to tank F-18s or F-35s. All it could possibly tank is other V-22s or helicopters, and even then with the huge wash created by those 31' rotors it would be an incrediblly difficult task to tank off one. End the misery, put the V-22 down!


Regarding the V-22 crash that was "the pilot's fault", I can't imagine designing a VTOL vehicle with 2 widely separated centers of gravity (cg). This vehicle has one, aft cg for vertical mode and a forward cg for forward flight mode and is basically uncontrollable in between the two! So their answer to that incrediblly stupid design flaw is to tell the pilots to transition through the uncontrollable zone at a high enough altitude that they can recover control before hitting the ground. My opinion of this aircraft drops every time I hear something new about it.

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