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Jul 30, 2012



The comments from the german pilots mirror the tactics the F-15 pilots have used successfully against the F-22, get in close and try to out turn the F-22 until they run out of energy and then close for the kill. The F-22, with its thrust vectoring, will turn very tightly, but due to its poor aerodynamics it loses energy very quick as it does this. Even with its huge engines, it cannot make up for the loss of energy. The canard equipped European fighters turn more efficiently than the F-15, so they have an even bigger advantage in the merge.

The best strategy for a stealth fighter are hit-and-run tactics. The airplane stays fast, hits hard, and disappears quickly. The F-22 is too slow to do hit-and-run. The F-23 was much better suited to those tactics and was dismissed by the USAF because they wanted the better dog fighter. What they ended up with was neither a good dog fighter nor a good hit-and-run stealth fighter. It is nothing but expensive and unreliable.

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