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Jul 09, 2012



It is truly unfortunate that the kind of analysis Winslow Wheeler provides is not only ignored by the politically oriented Defense Secretaries like Gates and Panetta, the GAO leadership that creates those report titles, and, most importantly the leadership of the Senate and House Armed Services Committees.
As a 20 year veteran retiree from the AF and a 29 year DOD contractor for 29 years, I have spent time in my retirement researching sources to try and find where the the systemic failures in DOD lie: Everyone in the entire chain has little or no sense of accountability of taxpayer's money. Evasiveness, responsibility deferral, and self-seeking goals permeate the entire military-industrial complex. One can understand that most politicians are ego centered, but why isn't accountability to taxpayers a fundamental principle indoctrinated into the minds of cadets at the various academies.


I've been seeing a lot of articles regarding the "Viper Strike". Is this as good as it sounds or just more marketing? Sounds like a system you could use from some very inexpensive aircraft. No need for F-35! SMILE...... Would love to hear if VP is as good as it sounds.


I remember one year when I was working on F-22 and in a big meeting of nearly everyone on the program at the time management announced very soberly that if we didn't do a better job of getting drawings out they were afraid the Air Force would fully fund us for the following fiscal year (1996, I believe). This was bad news since if we got fully funded, they would not be able to negotiate away the current year's budget over run. That was really bad news because in a "cost plus award fee" contract, the contractor doesn't make any profit (award fee) on the over run amount. They only make a profit on the base amount. So they would get reimbursed for their over run, but not make any profit on it.

It seemed pretty brazen to me to announce that kind of crap in a huge meeting like that, but what they were saying went right past most of the people there who neither knew nor wanted to know how unethical that way of doing business was, but the Air Force was complicit, knowing full well what they were doing, so it was completely legal. Your tax dollars hard at work.

Eric Palmer

Good work WW.

Also what is scary is for years... LM and the faithful have been marketing to all customers that acquisition of a new F-35 is around the same price of an F-16... Operations and sustainment costs for the F-35?... wait for it... the PowerPoint Ponzi-scheme warriors claimed 20 percent less than an F-16. It is all over past LM F-35 marketing briefs. LOL.

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