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Jul 20, 2012



It's progress, but the military is very overpaid, particularly when you include allowances, pensions, tax benefits, medical care, etc. Most GIs could not come close to matching their total compensation if they left active duty.


Those in Defense Budget and Administration need to get inline with the rest of us. We want serious reform and budget control. In the Bush administration, the amount of contracts given to Halliburton to rebuild Irqaq under then VP Dick Cheney was rediculous. We WANT oversight and regulations that control spending and make sure our dollars count and are used wisely (like maybe taking better care of our wounded American solidiers!).

They need to stop squaking about these bills; stop trying to work around them and actually do better for the American people. What, prey tell, is so hard about that!!!


The DOD is systemically wasteful and efficient as repeatedly identified by numerous GAO and IG Reports, and Congress has attempted to force DOD to have accountability for taxpayer
money (ERPS), but mismanagement of large organizations is always
traceable to senior leadership. Having pseudo Chief Management Officers like Gates and Panetta is the fundamental problem.

If you read any of the Defense Business Board (advisors to SecDef)Reports, they even point out that top-level management is lacking.

Dolores Helman

Please end defense spending so we have more money for the poitive programs such as education solar and alternative energy


The house will back out of anything they say to cut this wasted military spending and overseas occupation bases.

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