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Jul 19, 2012


Nora M

Funny, when jobs are eliminated in other areas of government - teachers, police, firefighters, social workers - they are REAL jobs as far as Congress in concerned. Seems like only defense contract jobs are REAL ones. Odd, isn't it?

Retired Catholic

This offers the perfect rationale to cut back on the bloated use of overpriced contractors by the Pentagon and to control the incredible waste and duplication that has warped the Pentagon budget. It will also provide an opportunity to scrap the F-35, a program plagued with structural and safety problems.


When I started in aerospace as a new-hire right out of college the CEO of the major aerospace company I worked for made about 10 times what I made. Now that I am toward the other end of my career the CEO of the aerogiant I work for makes nearly 400 times what I make. Plus, the pencil neck, bean counter I work for now is an abject moron not fit to carry that earlier CEO's slide rule.

Today, July 20, 2012, marks 43 years since the Eagle landed at Tranquility Base in 1969. 43 years later we do not have a single rocket that can launch a man into space, let alone land them on the moon. We're lucky if we can get a man supersonic in an airplane. We certainly don't have any of those left that can routinely fly at Mach 3+. Obviously we're better off having defense contractors design our rockets than we were were NASA designed them, because if we weren't, the defense contractors, who are making record profits, would have told you so. Obviously we're better off paying defense contractors $1.10 for every $1.00 they spend designing our aircraft than we were when they funded their own aircraft development programs, because if we weren't, the defense contractors, who are making record profits, would have told you so. The Farnborough airshow was a bust this year, maybe for the last time. Once a showcase of the might of the free world's military's, this year all the significant new aircraft belonged the Russians and Chinese who didn't attend.

Meanwhile the military industrial complex schills walk that propaganda tight-rope. They want you to be afraid. They want you to be afraid enough to keep dumping your tax dollars down their rat hole, but don't get so worked up that you demand change. Don't get so worked up that you start wondering what is happening to all that money they are wasting. Don't get so worked up that you want to know spending above Cold War levels now just barely sustains a military industrial complex that once thrived a much lower levels of spending. Just throw money at the problem.

Scott Kuechenmeister

do these people in the p.r. dept's of defense contractors not have a shred of integrity? their stock values that have gone through the roof, they have executive compensation packages that are second to none all the while regular americans have lost their homes and in some cases their children to these wars...


Note that coverage of the hearings was weak and almost thoughtless--just passing through what the witnesses and members had to say. In the Post, Times, and WSJ and even NJ the accounts did not balance with other views that contradicted the hyper talk in the hearing room. Some of these reporters just take dictation and don't do more than pass through information as if they believed it all.

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