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Jul 02, 2012



Reporting that a whistleblower's claim was validated means nothing. See whether the contractor is given an order to make the whistleblower whole and whether it complies with the order. We have to face the fact that whistleblowers never win, and the first time we can congratulate ourselves is when the whole staff of the Special Counsel, MSPB, and a number of judges on the Federal Circuit are shipped off to a federal penitentiary to spend the rest of their lives. There is no getting around the fact that they are organized criminals who should be prosecuted under the RICO statute. We need to know which congressmen have been blocking the bill to give whistleblowers access to jury trials in a real court.

Gregg Stoerrle

WOW the first one in six years great record !!That would make someone real secure about speaking up, and we thought OSHA 11(c) was a joke. Well 11 (c) is not far behind

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