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Jul 10, 2012


Robert Pendleton

If the wealthy and powerful are stealing tax dollars, it is their own money they are stealing. The poor and disabled pay no Federal Income Taxes. If you were to tax the wealthy at 100%, it would only keep the bloated government going for a few weeks.


I think this is an important issue, but to put it on FB with its picture (more impact) is not possible. Why? People tend not to read articles without photos. Can you change this?


Anyone still doing business with a bank needs to leave and go to a credit union. Just stop doing business with them. They're greedy pigs who could care less about anyone else.

Michael MacPherson

It is known that the government is being run by Wall Street, Every day I read about the billions of dollars of tax payer money being used as the personal piggy bank of Wall Street, The Pentagon, Politicians and State Governments, while on the other side of the spectrum the budget is being balanced on the backs of the poor and disabled.

Just recently people on Social Security got a cost of living raise, which was only a fraction of what the cost of living has risen to, on the other hand those who are getting food stamps lost their cost of living raise because the Department of health and Human Services classified the SS raise as extra income and reduced their food stamps by the same amount as their SS cost of living raise. These people are fighting every day for a few dollars to get fuel for the winter, money to see a dentist because dental did not get into the health plan, they are losing their homes and some cannot afford to register their cars or even have gas to see a doctor.

That is what makes it so interesting to see the rich and power full stealing unimaginable amounts of tax payer money while the poor are loosing their homes and dieing because they cannot get proper medical or just freezing to death in the winter.


Michael MacPherson

Michael Smallberg

Richard Delmar, counsel to the Treasury Department's inspector general, responded this evening to say that "as a matter of general practice, we don't comment on our investigative reports."

Michael Smallberg

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