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Jul 13, 2012



Danielle: I am somewhat disappointed by your "pox on both houses" position. Clearly Congress has the right to investigate & chairmen of both parties run their committees under the rules of the House. Eric Holder and the DOJ have not been forthcoming and the claim of executive privilege by the Executive Branch seems to me to be patently specious. It's difficult to avoid getting the impression that the DOJ has something to hide; otherwise, why not provide the documents. Mr. Dingell's unsubstantiated charge that it is an attempt to get Mr. Holder obfuscates the real issue: the investigation of "f & f". We the people do have a right to know and withholding the documents is obstructing that right.

kay sieverding

I made a series of complaints regarding civil liberties violations to the DOJ Office of Inspector General. I filed an FOIPA to get records indexed in my name from OIG and got copies of my complaints and their communications with other DOJ components about them, basically that they should investigate but not write a report. Then I complained again and attached new documents in support. I did this using their on-line form and I also mailed a copy in. I got an unsigned letter confirming my complaint and saying they were sending it to the USMS and I got several emails about it from "[email protected]". However, they wouldn't tell me who if anyone was assigned to investigate. Then I sent in another FOIPA to OIG and was told that they have no records of my complaints.

Meanwhile DOJ has modified the civil liberties on-line complaint form so that the complainer can no longer attach documents.

My complaint had to do with the fact that DOJ imprisoned me three times for 5 months without a criminal charge. I don't have a criminal record. To do so, DOJ used the Prisoner Tracking System (PTS) and the Nationwide Joint Automated Booking System (JABS). DOJ published in the Federal Register that the categories of individuals covered by the JABS system were alleged criminal offenders only and that the sources of records in the Prisoner Tracking System are only the records needed to manage the imprisonment of Federal Prisoners who are detained pursuant to a criminal proceeding.

Scott Kuechenmeister

politics disgust me...


Danielle: Perhaps you could explain how Congressman Issa could be expected to investigate details of Fast and Furious when AG Holder refused to disclose sufficient documents while giving false testimony as well as false and misleading information to the committee?

Perhaps you could also explain that the witnesses requested by the Democrat members of his committee were for the specific purpose of "Bush did it first" under "Wide Receiver"? To the best of my knowledge, the Democrats requested no witnesses for Fast and Furious. Congressman Issa was successful in maintaining focus of his committee.

Perhaps you could offer some constructive suggestions on how Congressman Issa should have run the committee - given that the Democrats appeared to be doing their best to obstruct the investigation?

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