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Jul 19, 2012



will we be compensated for the camp legu. water toxins ?

Domingo Aguilar

I am one of those that was contaminated and am currently in very poor health. I was stationed in Camp Lejeune N.C in the early 1970's, from 1976 through 1979, and I did my Military service in French Creek, so unaware of the dangers of the drinking water. Now I am in very bad health and truly in need of the help.

Rodney Rhodan

The award of health care, prove to the fact that the Department of the Navy is responsible and liable for the contamination. Toxins list that was listed and the chemicals that wasn't listed on the Camp Lejeune contaminated drinking water website. These are a list of the toxins I found through the EPA website, and these toxins has been in the water and soil above EPA, standards at Camp Lejeune for years: TCE, PCE, Benzene, Vinyl Chloride, Oil, Grease, Mercury, Lead, Battery Packs, Metal, Polychlorinated biphenyls, Pesticide, Polycyclic aromatic hydorcarbin, Xylene, Ethylbenzene, Dichloroethene, Perchloroethylene, Dense Nonqueous Liquid. Awarding these veterans health care services is the right thing to do, but this fight is not over. The 8,500 documented reports released by the DOD, was evidence needed, by the health care community investigating this issue. The suppression of these vital evidence, created a direct violation of the 4th, 5th and 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution, against those who have consumed and was exposed to these chemicals. The Department of The Navy, violated the 1974, 1986 and 1996 safe drinking water act, along with the violation of the 1972 clean water act. The Department of the Navy, is also in direct violation of the Toxin and control act.


I'm reading about this....got a letter about 2 years ago from the Marine copr but all it said was the investigation was over. Plus, we've moved since then. I conceived a son at Lejeune, May 1985, he has dyslexia and had cancer in his mouth a couple of years ago. Nothing like that happened to my other five children. I'm wondering how I can get on a list or something to claim any benefits he may have. He was told that he had to get his mouth checked for the rest of his life.

Katherine Wuthrich

My husband was stationed at LeJeune in the 1950's. Although
not physically sickened, we are both emotionally sick from
the stories we have read and heard about. It makes us
ashamed of our top military. These people should be called
out, their names released and court marshaled. Help and
transparency are long overdue. Act like the Marines you
are supposed to be. You are not Real Men at all.

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