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Jul 04, 2012


Evelynn Brown, J.D., LL.M

This is a very important piece of information by POGO of which I wholly agree. Our recent FOIA's to cabinet level agencies on No Fear Act reports to Congress verifies exactly what POGO is showing. Despite the law, there is no consistency for all federal agencies processing FOIA requests.

Several agencies did not respond within the 20 days and a few have yet to respond. Many FOIA's bounced around within agency offices. For example, Dept of Health and Human Services sent the request to the IG, Civil Rights, OGC and Office of the Secretary. Months passed as HHS stonewalled the request. We were forced to request Congressman Farr became involved to bring pressure on HHS to cooperate with Whistlewatch.org.

After an exhaustive search, it turned out that HHS, the agency that provides oversight of health care for the nation, filed zero reports to Congress under Section 203 of the No Fear Act.

In other words, HHS did nothing to halt discrimination and whistleblower retaliation within the agency, nor took any remedial actions against those who were responsible in accordance with the No Fear Act.

It is no small wonder that the FDA whistleblowers were treated so badly because HHS management mentality is to crush whistleblowers? How the EEOC can allow this to happen to the federal work force is a mystery.

HHS did send us a copy of all the wasted tax payer money spent on litigation between 2002-2012-300+ Million which will be posted online for the public view.

POGO makes an excellent point about FOIA. The public did not know and would not have learned that HHS has been violating the No Fear Act for a decade. Keep up the good work POGO!

E Brown, CEO, Whistlewatch.org


How about the top speed of the YF-23 in super cruise. Oh yeah, too embarrassing. Next question.

Dan Underhill

I am particularly interested in campaign contributions from government contractors and in making such contributions illegal. Same with "revolving door" practices.

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