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Jun 06, 2012



There are still some potential problems here.

1. The most common cover job for CIA case officers working under official cover is through the State Department. CIA case officers working under official cover usually ostensibly work for the Department of State at embassies.

From the Washington Post - "The most common, official CIA cover, is provided by the State Department, which permits operatives to carry out diplomatic duties in an American embassy by day and their real jobs by night: trying to get local officials and other foreign nationals to turn coat and secretly work for the CIA." http://voices.washingtonpost.com/spy-talk/2010/04/cia_chief_promises_spies_new_a.html

It would be very easy for these CIA case officers to produce propaganda during their embassy "day jobs" that could then get to the American people through the Department of State.

It's actually really bad that the informational materials are not “available in any format other than in the format disseminated abroad.” That means that a CIA case offcer working at an embassy could produce propaganda and disseminate it without labeling its source, then it would go to the American people, and the American people wouldn't know that it came from their own government.

In fact, any informational materials that get to the American people should be clearly labeled as having been produced by the Department of State.


Sadly the US government already publishes propaganda. Federal defense contractors flood the internet with their spin on every weapons program failure. The numbers we get on gross national product, unemployment, productivity, and trade are spun toward "aren't you happy with the good job your government is doing?" They fund radio and TV stations, which even if you believe they are unbiased, there is clearly a conflict of interest in the very fact they are being heavily sponsored by the federal govenrment. We remain a free nation only so long as we stand up for the principles upon which our freedom is based.

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