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Jun 07, 2012


J William Halfpenny

Do you think that any company that NEEDS a whistleblower is going to approve a system that makes it easy to report fraud
or other problems? The Government seems to want all miscreants watched by the other ones, not people with nothng to hide, and who just want to get the problem fixed.
We are at the point now where it sees all the laws are written by the law-breakers , that's why so few of them are ever caught Foxes were born to watch over hen-houses. 1/2d

Martha Knight

As a journalist I saw some brave employees bring me information along with proof of intimidation tactics and punitive measures used against employees who reported hazards and labor inequities. I also saw employees who risked their careers to report serious compliance issues "outside" after being slapped down for trying to report them internally. Some of these were health and safety matters; the employer was stonewalling.


If we do not have whistle blowers then as you said this sits up corruption to run rapid.
The only issue with having to inform your boss first is that that individual is a lot of times threatened.
Possibly could something be done to sit up where you report it to your boss and a agency at the same time?

Peter Scannell

The findings of the study reflect my experience as a whistle-blower to a T. The burden carried by a citizen conjuring up the courage to affect a terrible wrong is all consuming. Who do you trust? What authorities do you approach? How do you determine the matter will be resolve satisfactorily? The answers to those questions should come in a heartbeat. The real danger lies when it takes much longer.

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