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Jun 29, 2012


Rodney E. Rhodan

The problem the Navy, has is in several parts. 1st the Department of the Navy, is in violation of the 1974, 1986 and 1996 safe drinking water act. 2nd the Department of the Navy, is in violation of the 1972, clean water act as a result of Lot 203 aboard Camp Lejeune. 3rd the Department of the Navy, is in violation under TSCA, for which the level of enforcement action is at minimum testing, reporting and retention requirements.

George Soter

I can not believe we served our country, some for over 20 years, giving up our freedom for theres, Our families suffered with us being deployed over birthdays, holidays, and special events like births, graduations, christenings, baptisms, etc and now they won't defend us...The water in Camp Lejeune has killed our family members, made our children sick, and disabled our troops, the sames ones that fought for you, defended our nation. Maybe Stalin had it right. At least he screwed his people in front of them. I myself has suffered through cancer, joint pains, and have to medicate everyday so I can go to work.... Please search deep into your hearts and listen to the wind, because one day the war will be over for us, the same people that put you into office and defended our Nation... I was going to say Proud, but look at it, is it really anymore!


There must be some really bad stuff in those documents that they don't want us to see. Why else would they be so reluctant to release it? W

Frank Vera

Unfortunately, the problem with contaminated drinking water, health problems and a cover-up by the DoD is not limited to Camp Lejeune. The National Guard has 1 base, the Air Force has 42 bases, the Army has 46 bases, the Coast Guard has 1 base, and the Navy has 53 bases that are or were Superfund Sites. See: http://www.georgeafb.info/reference/documents/government-superfund-sites

Each of these toxic military bases has the potential for exposing tens to hundreds of thousands of civilians, and military personnel and their family members, over the years, to extremely toxic environmental contaminants and suffer adverse health effects as a result of this exposure.

Frank Vera

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