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Jun 14, 2012



It is unfortunate the Marines do not enclose the 2 rotors of the V-22 in ducts as Bell did with their X-22 in the 1960s. The addition of the ducts would allow stator vanes to be added behind the rotors. The stators would straighten the flow out of the ducts and prevent the asymmetric vortex ring state that has killed and injured so many of our service men in V-22 crashes. Another thing the ducts would do is allow the rotors to be smaller in diameter. They could be reduced from the current 38 feet down to less than 27 feet. This would allow the craft to land like an airplane, which is an important safety improvement due to the fact that the V-22 cannot auto-rotate like a helicopter (and like Boeing told us it could when proposing the V-22). All aircraft should be capable of a "dead stick" landing. The V-22, with its abysmal safety record, is certainly no exception.

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