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Jun 21, 2012



Our only hope is these people are moral and ethical. However, the world seems to be leaning more and more to greedy pigs making the rules. The only way to slow this trend down is to make the penalties tougher for the criminal element that is moving into the policy making world. Until the pigs see that the penalties for their crimes outweigh the profit they will flurish.

Mark Rome

Excellent work Michael!

By his own admission, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon testified at a U.S. Senate Banking Committee hearing in June that the Dodd-Frank law has not solved problems facing Wall Street, but instead has created a confusing new regulatory system for banks. “What we set up is a system with more and more regulators. We don’t actually know who has jurisdiction over many of the issues we are dealing with anymore. I would prefer a simple, clean, strong regulatory system, with real intelligent design, but that's not what we did.”

When elites are held in check, typically by effective legal mechanisms, everyone else in society does much better and sustained economic growth becomes possible. But powerful people - kings, barons, industrialists, bankers - work long and hard to relax the constraints on their actions. And when they succeed, the effects are not just redistribution toward themselves but also an undermining of economic growth and often a tearing at the fabric of society.

Please sign the petition to the U.S. Senate Banking and House Financial Services Committee asking for improved oversight of federal banking and market regulators.

To read more about what we’re trying to do and to sign the petition, click here:

It'll just take a minute!


Thank you for the information. Now what are we going to do about it?

From your research can you provide a simple list of names? I will also forward this link to Senator Sanders via Twitter. Please get in touch with him if you're not already.

I think he is the only person in both houses of the US Congress who is not bought, paid for and owned by these criminal banks. Jamie, as a stand alone criminal, has to go down. And he will be removed with public pressure.

Also, interesting to dig into: I sent a message to [email protected] regarding a story he wrote this week:

New York City Comptroller John Liu, whose office controls about 9 million Citigroup shares, has not been consulted, according to Matthew Sweeney, a spokesman. The comptroller’s office voted against Pandit’s compensation plan. Shannon Bell, a Citigroup spokeswoman, declined to say who had been contacted. O’Neill didn’t immediately respond to e-mailed requests for comment.

Hello Mr. Griffin:

Can you please provide more information about why NYC Comptroller's office controls 9 million Citigroup shares? Why does the City of New York own shares of a bank? What? We really need this question answered.

Thanks for the info.

Something is strange when it comes to the NYC comptroller *controlling* shares of Citybank. Bloomy could effectively "manage" his own gains through manipulation of stock owned by NYC.

Something wrong there. Would you agree?

The Gizmo51

Try to imagine for a moment what it would be like if the republinos take the presidency, 60 seat majority in the senate and a majority in the house. No more social security, no more medicare, vouchers for about $100 a month to cover all your health needs including prescriptions, no more teachers, police, or firefighters, in the public sector. Plenty in the private sector if you can afford to pay them. No more minimum wage, if you want a job you will work for what they tell you you will work for. My very first job while I was in high school, I started at $.90 an hour (about 1960), that will be the new minimum wage of today. The military will be on steroids bombing Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, with boots on the ground in all four countries. The more you make the more you keep and the lower your federal income tax rate if they keep the IRS. They may eliminate the IRS and you must pay a federal sales tax of roughly 15% on everything you buy including food. No more welfare checks, no more unemployment checks, and no more food stamps. The only abortions performed will be in one of two places: In a private hospital with the best doctors and medical staff and equipment available for the rich with money as no object or in the back ally with a coat hanger performed by a stranger for free. This is just the tip of the iceberg, it will get worse as time goes on. The best jobs for the 99% will be limo driver, butler, maid, gardener, pool keeper, horse groomer, and auto mechanic.

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