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Jun 14, 2012


Charles M. Smith

Believe me, this is not the first time that Buck McKeon has gone up to the line and then crossed over. Suggest you all search Buck and check out his history.

Of course, MacKenzie is being rewarded for both past and future efforts on behalf of Northrup Gruman. that is how the revolving door operates. Usually it is government officials moving towards business, at salaries of 5 or 6 times their government pay. For these the reward is for past support of military spending programs and specific companies, along with future contacts with their old friends and subordinates who will listen to their support of future programs.

In this case MacKenzie can have more influence for Northrup as a member of the Congressional staff, but cannot afford the cut in salary. I would be interested to know if he also has stock in Northrup, possibly in his wife's or other family members names. Rember Dick Cheney received stock benefits in Halliburton when he was Vice-President and that worked out real well for Halliburton.

Minerva Rivera

We have to start fighting this. It's unethical. Period.

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