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May 08, 2012


Bryan Rahija

Interested: We can't provide any advice on this matter -- you'd have to speak with an attorney.


So how does one file for attorney fees?

Evelynn Brown, J.D., LL.M

Hi Bryan,
Thanks for the clarification. Be happy to collaborate! You can start with giving us a hand up with investigating what is going on that agencies are violating the No Fear Act, Section 203. Lots of $$$ in the Judgment Fund but little accountability.

IMHO, zero reports for 10 years allows retaliating agency management to fly under the radar while tax payers foot the bill in meritorious whistleblower and discrimination cases.

Again, many thanks!

Bryan Rahija

Hi David and Evelynn,

Thank you for reading and offering these links -- I hadn't seen those stories until now.

We're not claiming to do anything original here -- the purpose of our blog post was to highlight the findings of the GAO. It looks like these are related but distinct from (and broader than) MSPBWatch's interpretation of that HHS FOIA response. (For what it's worth, GAO released its report on April 12).

Hope this helps clarify, and as always, please feel free to share your work with me directly -- hit me up at brahija@pogo.org.



So now POGO is reducing itself to stealing ideas without attribution?




Evelynn Brown, J.D., LL.M

It would be professional for POGO to acknowledge the advocates (Whistlewatch.org & MSPBWatch.net) who came up with the idea to review the costs to tax payers and began sending FOIA requests to federal agencies. We broke the news last week that the Department of Health and Human Services is in violation of the No Fear Act, Section 203 for 10 years.

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