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May 04, 2012


Joseph Theis

The longer these IG vacancies go on the more the affected OIGs suffer from loss of leadership, strategic direction, and the confidence needed to challenge the status quo. It takes a confirmed, politically secure IG to instill a sense of urgency in an OIG's management ranks and oppose the tendency to pursue safe or routine investigations and audits, particularly meaningless numerical performance goals instead of investigations with impact. OIGs are also susceptible to "mission creep" in proliferating investigations that are not integral to their core missions in the chase after impressive but hollow statistical accomplishments. Part of a confirmed IG's job is to challenge this tendency. Lapses of three years and more in Senate-confirmed IG leadership convey the impression to field investigators and auditors that no one at the senior level cares about their work. Considering the current troubling number of vacancies in IG leadership, who can blame the employees of these OIGs for feeling that way? It is a tribute to their professionalism that the great majority of them do the best they can in spite of this situation.

Emile Zola

The I.G. system is not the panacea for a corrupt state, a corrupt nation, actually, the I.G. system is more like a way to get rid of whistle blowers than stamping out corruption. While stationed at Germany, I met a guy who never seemed to have any stripes and when I asked people who knew him, their reply was: He will never be promoted, he went to see the I.G.about corruption and this was in the 60s and the system hasn't changed a bit, just the opposite, it has become worse.
The only few instances that I know of that has worked, has been with civilians, but I don't recall one instance where a G.I. using the I.G. system changed any thing and to add insult to injury, the people trying to do the right thing are the ones to pay with their careers, one way or the other. Look what happened to Pvt Manning for trying to uphold the Constitution. He will be sent to jail for life at a maximum security prison, that in itself, has to be another cruel and inhumane treatment, but our governments, ever, care for the truth, virtue or country. When the shit hits the fans, it's every man for himself.

Matthew Rutherford

Oversight is important to keep costs under control.

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